Protect the value of technology investments by addressing ethical, privacy, security and legal risks from day one

The State of AI



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Adaptive.AI Solutions

Measures and Outcomes

Our services in post-market placement of AI are geared toward helping customers achieve: These compelling drivers and trends below contribute…

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Why partner with Adaptive.AI?


We counsel senior leaders in shaping and securing decisions regarding AI governance and risks associated with balancing utility and trust. In addition, we advise on matters of privacy programs and compliance appropriate to the scale and complexity of their business operations.

Consulting Services

Our Mantra:  

We safeguard your AI and technology investment, so you can concentrate on creating value

Our Consulting Services:

Include assisting companies in developing sustainable governance and risk management policies and practices, embedding a culture of trust, risk, and privacy in areas such as artificial intelligence, data governance, data protection, and privacy.

  • Strategy and Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Gaps and maturity assessment across ethics, privacy, security, and robustness – to fulfill customer-centric AI trust, regulatory obligations, and audit requirements.
  • Post-market monitoring and compliance

Our Typical Delivery Model:

  • Enabling risk management processes, assessment of risks associated with emerging technologies. The engagement model typically involves evaluating the AI and/or technologies for ethical, privacy, cybersecurity risks for maturity and gaps.
  • Developing risk-based roadmap and recommendations for remediation strategies based on the assessment findings. This can involve recommendations for changes to the AI model, data collection and processing practices, and privacy policies.

In an era of heightened regulatory requirements, we offer a couple of different options in sourcing our services –

  • Using a customer-centric approach, we provide risk assessments to help you embed trust principles – ethical standards, privacy and security, system robustness – to ensure customer confidence and avoid legal pitfalls.
  • Assurance assessments against regulatory obligations in alignment with industry standards and policies.
  • As an Independent Third Party Assessor or in partnership with Internal Audit, assist with an objective compliance audit based on evidence.

Our Differentiators

1. One of our key differentiators lies in our unwavering commitment to ensuring that our business partners are able to champion the purpose behind every engagement effort. By empowering them with the insight necessary to take authoritative leadership and guide the recommended course of action within their organization.

2. Our goal is for you to focus your resources and attention on “value creation” and let us handle the “value protection”. We take a distinctive approach to AI Governance and Risk Management to ensure customer confidence in AI as well as meeting stakeholders’ and legal requirements. We recognize the protection of AI value begins with establishing trust with your customers.

3. Beyond providing solutions, we foster an engaging and impactful relationship – and leave you with an exceptional experience, enabling our customer to achieve goals and secure future-fit solution.

4. All throughout our collaboration, you will see that the force and passion lie in our vision to “Humanize AI to Inspire Humanity.”  

To that end, our mission is “to help our clients realize the value of artificial intelligence and secure an equitable future by locking in trust and performance.”