Build and Secure the value of AI investments by addressing ethical, privacy, security and legal risks from day one

The State of AI



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Adaptive.AI Solutions

Measures and Outcomes

Our services in post-market placement of AI are geared toward helping customers achieve: These compelling drivers and trends below contribute…

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Why partner with Adaptive.AI?


We counsel senior leaders on shaping and securing decisions regarding AI strategy and solutions. In our view, the value of AI is a function of risk and return, and in the same breath, recognize that embracing risks unlocks opportunities, and effectively managing them enables resilience. In addition, we advise our clients on matters of privacy and compliance relevant to their business size and complexity.

Consulting Services

Our capabilities provide a risk-based performance-driven approach to industry challenges while securing stakeholders’ trust.

Adaptive.AI provides technology strategy, governance, solution and risk management consulting services.

We support companies in identifying new sources of revenue at reduced risk, developing sustainable governance and risk capabilities, integrating responsible controls, and creating a culture of trust that will lock in performance.

Our Services:

  • Strategy and Governance – A strong culture is a foundation of effective strategy and governance. We enable governance marked by committed leaders, robust policies and framework for informed decision-making.
  • Risk Management – From board room to operations, we partner with our customers to build risk capabilities, translate priorities, actionable risk insights.
  • Privacy and Security – Digital trust matters. We enable defensible data protection and privacy program and controls, foster a culture of trust and cross-disciplinary oversight for sustainable compliance with state, federal and other regulatory obligations.
  • Audit and Assurance – Assist in developing scope fit for purpose, engagement plans and finding reports. Conduct comprehensive objective, evidence-based audits in accordance with regulatory obligations and industry standards.

As a forward-looking organization, Adaptive.AI aspires to Humanize AI to inspire Humanity.

Our mission is to help clients realize the value of AI and secure a sustainable future by locking in performance and trust.

How we achieve our Mission:

It is our deep commitment to ensure that in an age of artificial intelligence, value creation is a sum of data monetization and human values. Our capabilities allow our customers to navigate the choppy waters of their AI journey from beginning to end.

  • Strategy Alignment – For technology investments to provide transformative and sustainable value, organizations must strategize AI value capture, creation and delivery. Through our Opportunity Analysis workshop, we help our customers tie solutions to business problems aligned with their purpose and values.

  • Organization Excellence – Implementing robust AI solution boil down to Data and People. Sustaining its long-term value requires culture, workforce, skills and policies. We help companies organize for the future by enabling performance-based management support and workforce, engineering expertise and technical team. Assemble data practice fit for purpose.

  • Risk-based Solution Enablement – We recognize rapid evolution of AI possibilities require thoughtful and sustainable AI design. We help our customers design AI to align with evolving business changes and its interactions with humans. We embed responsible AI controls – ethical standards, privacy and security, system robustness – to ensure customer confidence and avoid legal pitfalls.

Our Differentiators

1. We take a holistic approach to Strategy, Governance and Risk Management by providing broad coverage across technology and data. We find this to be highly desirable as it facilitates effective use of the company’s resources including managing cost of service.

2. Each solution is tailored to fit customer’s requirements in mind – no ‘one size’ fits engagements.

3. Our unwavering commitment to ensuring that our business partners champion the purpose behind every engagement effort. By empowering them with the insight necessary to take authoritative leadership and guide the recommended course of action within their organization.

4. Our risk capabilities leverages the ‘best of suite of industry standards’ approach. At Adaptive.AI, we call it a best practice born of best practices such as the ISO Risk Management, Security and Privacy standards, NIST AI Risk Management Framework and Security standards, OECD (the organization of economic cooperation and development) guidance, COSO (the committee of sponsoring organizations) framework and Ethics audit scheme from the ForHumanity non-profit center.

Beyond providing solutions, we foster an engaging and impactful relationship – and leave you with an exceptional experience, enabling our customer to achieve goals and secure future-fit solution.