AI systems that are functionally aligned have an optimal reward structure that is designed for human benefit.

There are three characteristics that stand out in a well-aligned AI system: scientific alignment, consistency alignment, and stakeholder alignment.

Scientific Alignment:

Each model’s algorithmic output produces construct validity, or ground truth centered on explainability.

Consistency Alignment:

The outcomes should be consistent with its purpose and values of the organization. And it is aligned with both what it is intended to do and what it should NOT do. In consideration of tradeoffs, what it should not do should align with the desired levels of AI trust-enablers (privacy, ethics, security and robustness) as determined by a risk assessment.

Stakeholder alignment:

AI benefits should align with stakeholders’ expectations, including customers and internal and external partners.

The achievement of such excellence requires a thoughtful and deliberate process, one that is cohesive and unified and supported by robust AI governance practices.

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