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Digital Trust Matters

Data is an essential commodity traded today for economic growth, competitiveness, innovation, job creation and societal progress in general. Today’s end-to-end business model relies heavily on data to meet its financial, operational and informational requirements.

Data Privacy and Data Protection Program

In today’s rapidly disruptive technology and regulatory landscape, it is imperative to have defensible enterprise privacy practices that align with compliance-driven and ethical-driven privacy principles. We partner with you to create an effective privacy governance, enable a culture of trust, privacy and cross-disciplinary oversight to establish compliance with global, sectoral, and state privacy laws.

Privacy Compliance with Regulatory Obligations

Privacy regulations are complex and evolving. Our expertise in global privacy laws and trends is to ensure you ahead of emerging privacy requirements. Our use of industry standards such as the NIST and ISO privacy frameworks ensures objective, measurable, and future-proof privacy programs. We specialize in crosswalks between sectoral and non-sectoral regulations for streamlined management…

Privacy as a Service to support Ongoing Compliance

The ISACA 2023 annual privacy-in-practice survey ranked ‘lack of privacy resources’ as a top obstacle to better management of privacy requirements. Utilize our privacy services as a service to ensure ongoing compliance and monitoring, sustainable and future-proof practices.

Privacy Maturity Assessment

Our privacy maturity assessment helps identify areas for gaps, benchmarking against industry peers and standards. We provide tailored recommendations and roadmaps for enhancing your privacy posture for target and desired states and remediating risks by priority.

Privacy Audit Services

Assist CAEs in developing audit scope fit for purpose, audit engagement plans and audit reports. Conduct comprehensive, objective, evidence-based privacy audits in accordance with applicable regulatory obligations and industry standards. Based on our experience serving this role, we recognize that building effective relationships with business partners is vital to understanding and delivering successful audit missions.

Third Party Risk Management

Assist with third-party privacy risks assessment, evaluate privacy posture of your third parties to ensure that they meet required privacy standards and regulatory obligations. With our expertise in emerging privacy risks and trends in partner/third-party ecosystems, we collaborate with you to de-risk risks in order to maintain cost-efficiencies and service levels.

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