Through our long-standing experience in assisting companies over the years with business transformations, data governance, privacy, and security, we collaborate with you to:

  • Develop a clear understanding of your business processes and environment, as well as your legal obligations under applicable regulations.
  • Assess the AI and data governance practices, including, but not limited to, data policies, data sources, and data quality throughout its lifecycle.
  • Evaluate the AI model for potential sources ethical, privacy, cybersecurity risks for maturity and gaps. We take a distinctive approach to AI Governance and Risk Management to ensure customer confidence in AI as well as meeting stakeholders’ and legal requirements.
  • Develop prioritized risk-based recommendations for remediation strategies based on the assessment findings. This can involve recommendations for changes to the AI model, data collection and processing practices, and privacy policies.
  • Respond to new and adaptive nature of models and/or regulations through regular updates to the assessment process to ensure AI model drifts and compliance with changing regulations are kept in check.