We provide a couple services to consider for the NYC AEDT Bias Audit.

  1. Pre-audit service to ensure compliance with the law and best practices
  2. Independent third party audit as per the requirements of the law (once enacted)

The NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection will be enforcing the NYC AEDT law, also known as the Local Law 144 starting July 15th, 2023.

New York’s Automated Employment Decision Tools (AEDT) Law, also known as Local Law 144, is the first law in the country to regulate automated employment decision tools (AEDT). The law requires impacted employers and employment agencies to conduct an independent bias audit and certification on all AEDTs used in the hiring and promotion of employees.

A job candidate perceives your company’s brand throughout the hiring process. Creating the right candidate experience is integral to your brand message. Regardless of how good your career site is or how enticing your job description may be, if incorrect AI-powered technology is used in the recruiting funnel, can potentially lead to ethical bias, deception, and unfair practices, resulting in a downward spiral for your brand.

According to the data from Predictive Hire, nearly 55% of companies are investing in recruitment automation and believe that it’ll enhance efficiency and enable data-driven judgments.

There is no arguing that AI augmented hiring process creates superior benefits in funneling hiring performance and saving time, however number of market research have revealed biases at various steps in recruitment process. When used correctly, AI can neutralize bias and positively impact your D&I initiatives.

Company’s candidate experience metrics are often viewed through candidate-centric lens. Don’t let your algorithms be inscrutable and force job seekers to confront a new kind of interview anxiety. 

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