Our services in post-market placement of AI are geared toward helping customers achieve:

  • Ongoing risk assessments and regulatory audits and compliance
  • Ongoing alignment with potential concept drift (data and model) due to adaptive nature of newer models
  • Independent Audit to provide evidence-based objectivity in AI Bias and Privacy audit
  • Third party Risk Management within the context of AI and data sharing goals to advance outcomes
  • Collaborating with business in quantitative assessment of Benefit Realization

These compelling drivers and trends below contribute to future sustainability of value and trust in AI in productive environment:

  1. Anticipated steady stream of AI regulations across the globe
  2. Imperative auditable practices that ensure trust and consumer confidence.
  3. Ongoing governance of AI model for transparency and outcomes
  4. Data sharing and not data preserving as a key to advancing societal outcomes

Organizations that actively manage ethical issues, risks related to bias, privacy, human safety, transparency and security are well-positioned to preserve and protect their AI benefits both monetizable and in forging human-machine alliance.