Innovation is the heart of everything we do and, in many instances, equally shapes both small and large companies DNA. Today, as the era of disruption and turbulence continues, innovation plays a critical role in ensuring that companies remain competitive and resilient. It is becoming increasingly evident that artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics are key enablers in achieving growth, scale, and efficiency through innovation.

As humans, when we create “value”, it is our natural instinct to “protect and safeguard it”. Business value is created in the same way.

Building a business is an integral part of both “value creation” and “value protection”. When an organization pursues value creation, the upside risks associated with its creation are carefully considered to maximize its rewards and returns. In the field of AI, such upside risks or opportunities, generally translate into competitive advantages in terms of performance and accuracy, and to a relatively lesser degree, reliability and consistency of its operation and unfortunately, to abysmal scale, its long-term sustainability and environmental damage.

The downside risks associated with neglected outcomes not only lack AI alignment with human values and human intent, but also failure to comply with ever-evolving laws and regulations.

Trustworthy AI: Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

This strategy — adopted either by choice or because of circumstances — involves making multi-stakeholder relationship management a critical capability of your organization. This capability distinguishes you from the competition, attracts both employees and customers, and can earn you an enviable reputation among customers, investors, regulators, partners in the ecosystem, and policymakers.

Trustworthy AI systems have:

  • Effective AI Governance – effective policies, leadership, culture, and well-defined core objectives
  • Accountability of adaptive behavior of AI – safe, inclusive, and environmentally sustainable
  • Information Governance and Data Privacy
  • Defensive Security and Resiliency posture

As businesses adopt AI, building trust matters as a strategic and long-term investment

Trustworthy AI by Design use case should advocate and ensure that an investment is justified for business value creation and value protection. A successful Trustworthy AI by Design Business Use Case inform decision makes on –

  • Cost model outlining clear benefits of ‘value creation’ and ‘value protection’
  • Creation of resilient data foundations that maximize the value of data and technology while enabling businesses to reap value and scale
  • Importance of finding the optimal balance between business objectives and associated risks
  • Define clearly defined goals, boundaries, and constraints, the context of use, values that will be transferred and embedded into AI systems, and safeguards that match the business use case, among other components.

How we can help

Consider Adaptive.AI Trust by Design framework to capture, create, and deliver value and scale across your data analytics and AI processes. Accelerate the deployment of your defensible AI journey by selecting the necessary Trust elements to match the business use case and removing excessive or unnecessary elements. Adapt to scale as necessary.