Change Management and User Adoption
Business Model Actualization
Integrated Risk Management
Data Privacy and Protection
Privacy Compliance with Leading Regulations
Regulated Industry – Healthcare and Financial Services

Master and Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
Chief Risk Officer Executive Program at Carnegie Mellon


ForHumanity Certified Auditor (FHCA)

  1. Certified on the Foundations of Independent Auditor of AI systems
  2. Certified Independent Auditor of NYC AEDT Bias Audit

ForHumanity is a nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing ethics, bias, privacy, trust, and cybersecurity in artificial intelligence and autonomous systems

A technologist at heart who places high emphasis on people first, customer experience and alignment over agreement. Pam’s leadership philosophy is that in this time of exponential technological advancement, we must learn, unlearn, and relearn at a thoughtful and considerate pace in order to maintain stability and humility.

Pam Kamath is a forward-thinking, Technology, Data, and Risk Leader with 23+ years of progressive Technology, Data Governance, Data Protection, and Privacy experience. 

An adept at establishing business strategy and technology governance, she has developed expertise in identifying client requirements, developing strategic roadmaps, establishing governance, and overseeing leadership of a diverse range of technology, data, risk, security, and privacy initiatives. She has led successful large-scale transformational programs, influencing and collaborating with cross-functional business engagements.

Pam advises senior leaders on the development of robust AI and data analytics models that address the risks associated with emerging technologies. This includes recognizing the benefits while managing the risks well, implementing the right privacy program, and complying with the requirements of leading regulations.

Her experience is global and covers industries including technology, healthcare, financial services, and consumer goods.

In recent years, Pam’s focus has been on assisting companies to achieve sustainable governance and risk management practices, specializing in artificial intelligence, data governance, data protection, and data privacy within the context of optimal risk-taking, while delivering intended value and integrating ethical and regulatory requirements.