• Strategizing Generative AI Adoption

    Strategizing Generative AI Adoption

    Navigating the Leader’s Dilemma One of the most challenging parts of any LLM is finding the needle in the haystack! It is particularly true if you are looking for enterprise knowledge that allows you to differentiate while maintaining privacy and security of your information. There are many popular foundational models that make excellent conversational tools,…

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  • The Impact of Generative AI on Social Media

    The Impact of Generative AI on Social Media

    The use of generative AI has and will penetrate social media for decades to come. Information ecosystems, journalists, content creators and marketing agencies will find new ways to research, generate, distill, and distribute contents in novel and engaging ways. Micro-to-macro uses of generative AI will have substantial impact as a result on large social media…

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  • Defining a well-aligned AI

    Defining a well-aligned AI

    AI systems that are functionally aligned have an optimal reward structure that is designed for human benefit. There are three characteristics that stand out in a well-aligned AI system: scientific alignment, consistency alignment, and stakeholder alignment. Scientific Alignment: Each model’s algorithmic output produces construct validity, or ground truth centered on explainability. Consistency Alignment: The outcomes…

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  • Navigate AI Risks with Clarity

    Navigate AI Risks with Clarity

    Companies that proactively embrace management of AI risks see this as a journey, and not a point-in-time event.  This resonates with the approach we take at Adaptive.AI in helping companies make confident strides to enable AI trust with customers, stakeholders and future legislations. Our services enable companies to ‘pivot’ from a place of disarray to…

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  • Customer-Centric AI Trust

    Customer-Centric AI Trust

    Executive Summary In a digitally driven business world, the concept of trust has multiple meanings, and it is heavily influenced by audiences who receive or anticipate digital trust. When trust is discussed in relation to artificial intelligence (AI) and the concerned audience, the intrinsic value of the technology should be emphasized, and trust anchored around…

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  • Privacy Management: Time for a Revisit

    Privacy Management: Time for a Revisit

    Privacy management is ready for another pivotal moment. With unprecedented AI activity around us, is your Privacy practice ready for the emerging complexities of the big data across its vectors – volume, variety and velocity? In light of the massive shift in data volume, variety and velocity, now is the prime time to revisit your…

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