The era of unlocking digital value is fueling AI transformation in organizations of all sizes and shapes.

Ever since Open AI’s ChatGPT lit up front pages on all leading communication media and channels, companies cannot stop talking about Artificial Intelligence.

“References to AI and related terms during calls with investors are already up 77% from a year earlier.”


Invariably, there is truth in what is said:

AI is prized for its ability to transform businesses, enhance customer experience, address global unmet needs, and drive social good.

Furthermore, the outcomes of AI technologies are much cheaper, faster, and provide a wide range of options. However, before businesses can realize the full benefit of this technology, certain challenges must be overcome.

Besides the specific challenges associated with AI technology and data, other market challenges contribute to the situation – a steady stream of government AI mandates, relentless shareholder demands, and expectations for cost-effective solutions must be accounted for in the planning and deployment. Keeping up with these rapid changes in market conditions requires leaders to stay abreast of opportunities and constraints.

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The purpose of our Adaptive.AI Featured Insights is to organize market trends, emerging risks, and drivers; help companies realize value; drive outcomes, and uncover the potential AI holds to create new opportunities and enhance societal well-being. It is about cracking open the constraints surrounding the actualization and sustainability of AI.

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